Core Questions (C)

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1 Who can require you to undergo a breath screening test?
2 You must turn your vehicle headlights on when visibility is less than:
3 A vehicle should not send out visible smoke for more than:
4 Which of your vehicle's lights do you have on if you are driving in fog?
5 What is the least distance of clear road you MUST have in front of you when you have finished passing another vehicle?
6 If anybody is hurt in a crash, the driver must tell a police officer as soon as possible but within:
7 To help you from being blinded by the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, what should you do?
8 If two vehicles are coming towards each other and both are at Stop signs, what rule applies?
9 You must check that there is space for your vehicle on the other side of the line before going over a railway level crossing.
10 What must you do when you hear a siren or see red flashing lights from an ambulance or fire engine?
11 You are waiting at a railway level crossing and the red lights continue to flash after the train has passed. What should you do?
12  For the purpose of applying the give way rule, how should entrance ways into public car parks be treated?
13 What rule should you use to judge a safe following distance in wet or frosty conditions if driving a car?
14 What is the purpose of the two-second rule?
15 When coming to a pedestrian crossing without a rasied traffic island, what must you do?
16 When coming to a pedestrian crossing with a rasied traffic island in the middle, what must you do?
17 When must you turn your vehicle headlights on?
18 When driving at night on a road with lanes, you must be able to stop in half the length of clear road you can see in front of you.
19 When should you apply the four-second rule?
20 What should you do when you come up to a one-lane bridge?
21 When are you allowed to pass another vehicle? When you are coming up to a blind corner or blind bend
When you can see at least 100 meters of clear road in front of you once you have finished passing
When a vehicle has stopped at a pedestrain crossing
When you are less then 10 meters away from a railway level crossing
When there is a solid yellow line on the your side of the center line
When there is room to drive over a flush median
All of the above
22 What does the legal definition of a road include?
23 A police officer can impound your car on the spot if you are caught driving while disqualified.
24 At an intersection what does a police officer's directions overrule?
25 You are turning right at traffic signals showing a red arrow pointing to the right. What should you do?
26 What does one or more yellow lights flashing at traffic signals mean?
27 At night, when MUST you always dip the headlights on your vehicle?
28 What is the speed limit for vehicles passing a school bus that has stopped to let children on or off?
29 What must you do if you want to turn right at traffic signals where a green light is showing?
30 What is the speed limit from the time you pass an Accident sign until you are past the crash site?
31 When coming up to a roundabout you must give way to all vehicles that will cross your path from your left.
32 When driving at night, which vehicle lights should you turn on?
33 As the holder of any class of driver licence you must carry your licence with you at all times when driving.
34 If you can do so safely, you may pass on the left at an intersection if:
35 What does the ‘speed limit’ mean?
36 The give way rules apply at all intersections where there are no:
37 If you are turning left at an intersection, you must give way to all vehicles coming towards you that are turning right.
38 If you are going ‘straight’ through a roundabout, don't signal as you come up to the roundabout, only signal left as you pass the exit before the one you wish to take.
39 If you are under 20 the legal alcohol limit is ZERO. What does this mean?
40 When may you use the horn on your vehicle?
41 When does a police officer has the power to arrest you?
42 What must you do when you see blue and red flashing lights behind you?
43 Who may legally require you to give a blood sample?
44 What must you do when red lights are flashing at a railway level crossing?
45 When must you signal that you are turning to the right?
46 What must you do before you make a turn to the right?

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